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US District Judge Allows Wal-Mart Discrimination Case Proceed

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer rejected Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s request to dismiss a gender discrimination case filed in California, But said he would rule later about whether the women plaintiffs had enough evidence to be certified as a class.

The plaintiffs in the case are alleging that Walmart Stores, Inc. denied them pay raises and promotions because of their gender. This same group, consisting of a class of up to 1.5 million current and former Walmart employess, was dismantled prior to trial.

The plaintiffs subsequently filed a new lawsuit, in which they were lmiiting the scope of their allegations to California. The new case could include several hundred thousand potential class members, rather than 1.5 million included in the previous class action suit.

Walmart attorneys have argued that the extensive history of the case, with over 10 years of litigation, warranted dismissal of this new lawsuit.

However in his ruling on Friday, Breyer said he was not prepared to deny the plaintiffs an opportunity to present evidence. is in no way associated with or endorsed by Walmart Stores, Incorporated or any of its affiliates. Any references to Walmart Stores, Incorporated or any of its affiliates are used in strict accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and do not imply any association or partnership between and Walmart Stores, Incorporated or any of its affilates.

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