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Sam's Club Experiencing Shortages of Popular iPhone 5

While most people purchase their Apple products at an Apple store or one of its carrier partners, the new iPhone 5 was also made available to the public via other mass retail establishments. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Sam's Club and Radio Shack were all chosen to carry the hotly anticipated product.

Now, if they could just get their hands on those little phones. Almost immediately after the release of the iPhone 5 earlier this week, most of the third party retailers are finding themselves behind the curve in an attempt to meet their early orders due to a lack of supply from Apple. One account cites a notification from Best Buy that a pre-ordered iPhone 5 will not be available on the promised date, and in fact might take up to 28 days before it comes into stock.

Let's not pick on Best Buy though. It isn't the retailers fault. They can only place the orders with their supplier, Apple. It is up to Apple to deliver the goods as promised (read, on time). Sam's Club is experiencing similar shortgages, sending out notices to pre-order customers indicating that deliveries are not expected for another 7-10 business days.

Sound familiar? That's because it is the same situation that occurred on the release of the iPhone 4s ... and the iPhone 4 ... and the iPhone 3. You see the pattern, right?

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