Walmart To Layoff 600 Employees

Walmart to layoff nearly 600 employees

Outsourcing is claiming more victims at Walmart’s corporate office in Charlotte, North Carolina. The employees, 569 in total, are all employed in the accounting and finance divisions for the global giant.

The change is part of a larger move to outsource the majority of its accounting and finance services to a third party firm, New York-based professional services firm Genpact.

“This was a difficult decision that affects friends and associates we care about deeply. We appreciate their important contributions, and we’re committed to handling every transition over the next seven months smoothly and respectfully.”

Walmart spokesperson

Walmart’s Charlotte office will remain open for its “People Solutions” team, which provides some human resources services like background checks and drug testing for prospective employees and to support a Walmart U.S. regional office, according to the spokesperson.

The affected workers will begin transitioning out of their positions starting in September, according to a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification in that state. Those staying on until then will receive a retention bonus, with the amount determined by position, according to the Walmart spokesperson

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