2019 Walmart Supplier Summit – All About Omnichannel

Doug McMillon Speaking At the 2019 Walmart Supplier Summit in Rogers, Arkansas

There was a central theme at last week’s Walmart Supplier Summit in Rogers, Arkansas — winning at omnichannel.

Hundreds of suppliers attended the annual summit to gain insight from Walmart’s leaders. Overall, the leadership expressed that they were pleased with the company’s sales growth, while noting that, in order to continue to succeed, omnichannel must be at the center.

According to CEO Doug McMillon, Walmart launched 2,800 new brands last year and the company’s eCommerce sales growth rose 40%, and large international acquisitions like last year’s purchase of Indian online retailer Flipkart have the company positioned nicely to expand omnichannel to a global scale.

Read a full summary of the transcript from the 2019 Walmart Supplier Summit here.

Were you at the supplier summit? If so, what were your biggest takeaways? Sound off in the comments below!

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