Walmart Labs Plans to Hire 2,000 Tech Workers in 2019

Walmart Labs to hire 2000 tech workers in 2019

Walmart Labs, the California-based, tech incubator, is continuing its rapid expansion in 2019, announcing its plans to hire 2,000 technology workers in 2019. The tech positions are consistent with the company’s huge investment in e-commerce and in-store innovations.

All of the technology positions are to be part of the Walmart Labs division, a division that is responsible for almost all of the company’s technological innovations, aimed at enhancing the customer experience both online and in stores. Positions include software engineers, data scientists, designers, and project managers.

In addition to these technology positions, the company is also looking for a Chief Executive Officer for a “stealth company,” a new startup in the company’s Silicon Valley tech incubator, Store No. 8. The source said that job duties for this position include “building a business from scratch,” working alongside the company’s senior executives, and also serving as a “public champion” for the business. The ability to handle competitive threats is a key skill listed in the job posting.

How is your company adapting to the fast-paced adaptation of technology to the online and in-store shopper experience? Sounds off in the comments below!

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