JB Hunt Makes Moves to Conquer the Last Mile

JB Hunt Makes Moves to Conquer the Last Mile

The last mile is arguably one of the biggest hurdles that logistics and transportation companies face. The “last mile” is a phrase used to describe that small distance that a shipment must travel from the nearest transportation hub to the final destination.

Recently, there have been some creative alliances formed to tackle this issue, including “crowd source” options like DoorDash and Postmates. These are individual drivers operating on an “at will” basis who are handling that last mile of the delivery cycle. However, quality and dependability vary wildly with these options, since they are ultimately made up of a SWAT team  (“Someone With A Truck”).

A more formal, professional, and reliable approach is truly necessary for a carrier to handle this last mile. And one way to do this is to acquire an existing company that handles nothing but the last mile.

That is exactly what J.B. Hunt has done. On Tuesday, the Lowell, Ark.-based trucking company announced the acquisition of Secaucus, New Jersey-based Cory’s First Choice Home Delivery.

Established in 1934, Cory provides home delivery services of big and bulky products in the continental United States and U.S. territories using 14 warehouses and other customer-owned facilities. The company utilizes more than 1,000 independent contractors, carriers and delivery drivers to complete more than 2 million annual deliveries.

“This is a strategic investment that will further advance our final mile delivery capabilities of ‘big and bulky’ products to consumers and expand our expertise in furniture delivery” – John Roberts, President and CEO of J.B Hunt

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