Walmart Faces Lawsuit Over Toys Containing Lead

New York sues Walmart over Cra-z-Jewelz

The Attorney  General for the  State of New  York announced on Thursday that the state is suing Walmart,  Target and toy importer LaRose Industries, alleging, “violations of multiple New York laws governing the safety of children’s toys sold in the state.

The  specific items specified in the lawsuit are “Cra-Z-Jewelz” craft kits, which contained parts with lead levels up to 10 times higher than the federal limit. The findings of Attorney General’s office resulted in a 2016 nationwide recall of the toys.

Both Target and Walmart have gone on record stating that they pulled the kits from shelves when they were first notified of the recall in 2016. LaRose Industries maintains a notice of the recall on its website.

“No parent should have to worry that their child’s toy may be toxic. As we allege, these companies imported and sold toys with dangerous levels of toxic lead — jeopardizing the health of New York’s children and breaking the law,”

-Barbara Underwood, New York State Attorney General

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