Walmart Surpasses Amazon in the Online Grocery Category

Walmart Surpasses Amazon in the Online Grocery Market

Years ago, Walmart entered the grocery game in its brick and mortar stores and quickly became a category leader. Fast forward to the recent years, and Walmart is now giving Amazon some serious competition in the online grocery game.

Walmart has a massive footprint of stores across the United States, totaling around 4,500 locations. While this adds to their overhead in a significant way, it also positions them perfectly to be an omnichannel industry leader. And that is precisely the reason that Walmart has recently surpassed Amazon in a survey of online grocery shoppers — a burgeoning market that all grocery retails are keen to capitalize on.

The number one reason for Walmart’s quick success in the online grocery game is the rapid implementation of its Pick Up Today program. Walmart has already rolled out the program to around 2,000 stores, and announced during a recent investor conference that the plan is to  have an additional 1,000 stores (approximately 70%  of their total brick and mortar footprint) by the end of 2019.

The survey also provided insight into  the growing confidence that consumers have in purchasing perishable items, like product, fresh meat and dairy, online. This aspect of online shopping has long been an obstacle to online grocery shopping.

Bottom line, Walmart isn’t shying away from the battle with Amazon, and is capitalizing on its brick and mortar footprint in a highly successful fashion.

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