Walmart’s Holiday Strategy Forces Amazon’s Hand

Walmart Forces Amazon's Hand in the Holiday Shipping Battle

A few weeks ago, Walmart announced that it is expanding it’s 2-day shipping program to millions of additional Marketplace items. A few days later, Target joined the game, and is also offering free 2-day shipping for the holiday season.

And now, feeling the immense pressure from the two brick-and-mortar retailers, Amazon has made the free shipping contest even nicer, announcing today that it is expanding the free 2-day shipping perk that Prime Members already enjoy to everyone. The announcement notes that this perk is for a limited time, yet the exact time frame for the perk has not been disclosed.

Walmart and Target obviously have overhead that Amazon does not have … its stores. However, 80% of holiday purchases still occur in brick-and-mortar stores. Though this share is decreasing, Walmart and Target have been able to slow down that decrease in marketĀ  share by expanding their omnichannel programs, according to a report from e-commerce analytics firm Cardlytics.

Free shipping is a perkĀ  that holiday shoppers are keenly interested in, and the retail heavyweights are listening (and responding) to consumer demand.

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