Selling On Walmart’s Marketplace

Selling Your Items On Walmart Marketplace

Walmart’s Marketplace is similar to Amazon or eBay, allowing third-party suppliers access to the huge audience that visits on a daily basis. Selling on allows relatively small suppliers to reach a much larger audience that traditional marketing methods.

Becoming A Marketplace Seller

Becoming a Marketplace seller is easier than you would think. It is a well-documented process that I will review in this post.

The first step is to apply to become a Marketplace seller.  The application is pretty easy, and can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Simply visit and click Apply.

Walmart Marketplace Supplier Application
Walmart Marketplace Supplier Application

Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email. It is necessary to complete the registration process by following the personalized link contained in this email. You  will need a few pieces of information to complete the registration process:

  • Company Address
  • Bank Account  Information (for Accounts Payable)
  • A digital copy of your company’s IRS W9 form
  • Additional shipping information (rates / days of operation)

Now that you have completed  your Partner Profile, you will be able to access the Supplier Checklist which allows you to add a few key pieces of information to your public profile and finalize setup of payment information.

Completing Your Partner Profile

This is an important  step, since the information that you provide will be included in your publicly viewable company profile. Customers can visit your company profile from the Marketplace to learn more about your company.

Verify Bank Deposit

When  you entered your bank account  information, Walmart initiates a temporary deposit to verify accuracy of the information that you provided. You will need to login to your online bank account,  and look for a $0.01 deposit from “WM Marketplace Penny Test”.

Complete Item  Setup

No Marketplace would be complete without items to sell, and this is the step where you enter the specifics of the products that you wish to sell on Walmart’s Marketplace.  This is a fairly  time-consuming process, but make sure that you are completing  the process thoroughly and accurately, as  this will impact how the consumer can find your products on the Marketplace.

  1.  Select the appropriate  category and subcategory from the available options. If you are unsure which selections to make, visit the Knowledge Base Article on Categorization.
  2. Download the Item Setup template from Supplier Center. The template will be pre-populated with certain features that  a Walmart customer might search when looking for your products.
    1. From the Walmart Toolbar, select “Show Required Fields Only,” and complete all required information.
    2. The Main Image URL should contain the full URL where the image is hosted.
    3. Once all required fields have been completed, upload the form to Supplier Center. The item will now appear in “Staged” status.
Testing Your Listings

Items that  are in “Staged” status should be previewed and a test  order should be submitted before publishing as a  live item in the Marketplace.

  1. In  the Seller Center, click on “Preview Item” to verify that the content and  layout of your items are correct. This is what the customer will see when they view your items.
  2. To test ordering, update your inventory to “1”.
    1. Click “Update Inventory”
    2. In Seller Center, select “Publish Item”, then “Purchase Item”
Launch Your Account

The final step for selling on Marketplace is publishing  your account.

  1. After you select   “mark as done” for all of the items, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm that you are ready to publish your items. Once you select “confirm,” this will send a request  to Walmart Marketplace to launch.
  2. Marketplace personnel will then review your submission, and if everything looks good, your products will be live on within 24 hours.


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