Walmart Empowers Employees With Their Own Cell Phones

Walmart Announces BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Personal cell phones can be a distraction, especially in the retail  world where employees are expected to  be providing  great customer  service  …  not updating their social media accounts. Walmart is capitalizing on the ubiquitous nature of our cell phones, announcing the launch of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative.

BYOD empowers Walmart employees to  stay connected from the familiarity of their own device.  Through the new program, employees will have the option to  download the Walmart app suite directly to their personal devices. This is another way to access the tools that help Walmart associates  understand the health of the business, and spend more time on the sales floor serving customers. Additionally, store associates  also receive a discount on their monthly phone bills.

With BYOD, when an employee clocks in at work, they have all of the tools that enable them to do their jobs right in their pocket. The app suite includes the PlanIt app — a center for  all announcements coming directly from Walmart’s home office  in Bentonville,  Arkansas.

What About Privacy?

Privacy is obviously a big concern with an initiative like this. To address this concern, Walmart has provided a  detailed list of what they can and cannot  see.

What They Can See:

  • Battery Level
  • Make and Model of the Device
  • Operating System and Version
  • Corporate Email and Data
  • Storage Usage
  • Carrier
  • Phone Number
  • Country

What They Can NOT see:

  • Personal Email and Data
  • Photos / Videos
  • Voicemail – Corporate and Personal
  • Text – iOS or Android
  • Web Activity
  • List of Apps
  • Location

Spencer Schmidt is a sales floor associate at a supercenter in Fort Smith, Arkansas, one of the first stores that tested the BYOD functionality. He says the best thing about using his own device at work is the convenience of logging in as soon as he clocks in for his shift.

BYOD basically works just like our store devices – I can pop it open when a customer needs help, look up items and find where they are in the store. But with my phone, the apps are always on me. As soon as I clock in, I can see what notes have been assigned to me and start working on them right away.

4 Comments on “Walmart Empowers Employees With Their Own Cell Phones”

  1. So Walmart gains the benefit of communicating the employee’s WORK to-do list, utilizing the phone for the employee to look up WALMART stock for customers on an employees PERSONAL phone, without spending anything on devices to be utilized for this. And the only benefit the employee gets is the ability to clock in and out more easily.
    Walmart – the low price / CHEAP leader!

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Actually, there are devices already in use for all of their store associates. The new feature allows their associates to operate without having to carry their personal phone and a store device. They have actually announced “we’re adding tens of thousands more of them to the stores over the coming months”.

      There are apparently no requirements that store associates use their own devices, rather this is providing them with an additional option. Plus, who doesn’t like a discount on their personal cell phone bill!

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