Walmart Anticipating Best Holiday Season Yet

Walmart Expands Their Checkout With Me Service in time for Black Friday 2018

Holiday shopping is not for the faint of heart. It can seem like a full-contact sport in some instances. And Walmart is rolling out several new initiatives to help alleviate these issues and expedite shoppers through their stores … just in time for the holidays.

Walmart is expanding its pilot program, “Check Out With Me”, to all of its stores by Black Friday 2018.  Starting at some stores as  early as November 1,  lucky shoppers  will find Walmart employees scattered throughout the aisles with handheld devices that allow them to scan bulky items like TVs and furniture, allowing customers to pay without having to wait in the long checkout lines. Receipts will then be emailed to the customer.

While the initiative isn’t intended to checkout entire baskets of merchandise, the scanners will  be capable of processing merchandise from grocery to apparel, Walmart said.

Additionally, in order to get customers to the “right” part of the store, the retailer announced the addition of store maps to its mobile app.

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