Project Kepler: Walmart’s Response to Amazon Go

Walmart Project Kepler

Walmart is testing an automated store concept, similar to Amazon Go, which will eliminate the need for cashiers and provide customers with a much more efficient shopping experience. Dubbed Project Kepler, the store concept uses computer vision to track and automatically bill customers’ purchases, eliminating the need for human cashiers.

While this might mean bad news to cashiers in the short term, if concept takes off it could actually provide an opportunity for employment in the long term. Automated stores allow Walmart to expand into new areas where Walmart  currently doesn’t have a footprint.

This project is in the early stage of development  but shows how traditionally physical stores are adapting to keep up with a customer base increasingly shifting to online shopping. While this concept might take a while to come to fruition, it is a clear  indicator that the retailers are taking notice of the many ways that today’s shopping experience has changed.

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